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Hello my wonderful readers. Today, I am going to make a diversion from the norm and make this post a feature story on a particular woman who is doing something I consider absolutely wonderful. Well well, Let us have a look.

The woman whom I am referring to is Mrs Sandra Aguebor, the first Lady Mechanic in Nigeria. I can imagine the looks of surprise on your faces right now. Lady? Mechanic? How? Where? When?   Yes! Lady Mechanic, Mechanic in the literal and figurative sense of it. The Mechanic that fixes your cars, buses and Trucks. Yes, that mechanic but this time, a woman.

According to her, becoming a Mechanic is something she always had a passion for and she achieved it through steadfastness, hard work and the grace of God. She runs a car care company called SANDEX CAR CARE, a professional auto garage that has been delivering quality…

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My 2014 in review

January 1, 2015 8 comments



Yeah, the phrase that is gonna be trending worldwide for the rest of today. We are in 2015, Glory be to God for that. 2014 is come and gone, yes i know but i feel i should reflect on how it went. After seeing a friend(Omotolani) do same, i decided to pick up the Baton where she left off.

The year 2014 started normally for me, as all years have since i was given birth to. It’s a time that ushers in my birth month, a time to look forward to and a time a new year is indeed added to my years. January came and went, birthday (Jan 24th) was a fun day. Even when circumstances threatened to derail my happiness, God found a way to make me happy and i had so much fun that day. From colleagues at the office to friends in the hood, it was a day i didn’t want to end. But as always, every birthday ends only to be anticipated for another year.

February, the month of love, came and passed me by…because love lost. Work was going well as usual, i was in a place i used to dream of, earning figures that seemed ridiculous to me some years ago. Thank God for all that.

March came and God blessed me with something. He heard my cries and decided to stop listening to the prayers of all those taxi guys that were always happy to see me or receive my calls every time i wanted to go out. What more could i have asked for? A roof over my head? Check! Food to eat? Check! I wasn’t rich but i was comfortable and i was happy. My family were happy.

Then came April…now that i think of it, can’t really remember anything significant event of that month, asides my elder brother’s birthday. Oh well…..fast forward to May *shrug*

May came…and with it came a lot of anxiety. Another rent year was fast approaching and contract at work was gonna be over in one month. It then hit me, being a man, in Lagos for that matter is not a small something. But if there is one thing i never forget, is that God never abandons his own. Rent was due at the end of July so i still had two months, I thought.

On came June…my contract at work’s last month and i began to think about new possibilities in eventuality that the contract was not renewed, which was unlikely. But as they always say, never put all your eggs in one basket so man needed to have a back up plan. June ending came, I got my contract extension notice for another 1 year and I was ecstatic. God indeed never forgets his own.

July followed suit…work went as usual, rent expiry month. My caretaker had started to send reminder SMSs so tenants don’t forget to observe due diligence. Thank God for God, i wasn’t bothered because i had already planned to make the payment at the end of the month. And then something happened just as July was ending. I was bored on the last Sunday and went to the mall(ICM) to see a movie. On my way back, i had a minor accident at 10:30pm that night. I didn’t understand the extent of the accident until i got home and i was like WOW. I felt a sharp pain because i knew the expenses it would incur to get the car back in shape. Windscreen glass broke, front bumper rendered useless, front lights out but in all, I give God the glory. I just decided to wait till pay day so i can start the repairs. And rent wahala still on my mind.

August came and salary payments were delayed for a week. When it finally arrived, I was so happy as usual and smiled all the way to the bank. Payday is the only time i go to the bank and going to the banks can be very stressful. I had already drawn up a budget which had two major things on the list, fix car up and pay rent. Actually they were 3 major things, the 3rd had to do with family. I got to the bank as usual, withdrew my entire pay(which was in $$) so i could convert to naira and pay back into my naira account as is the norm. I called my aboki, we discussed, he said he wasn’t in Lagos and that he was gonna send someone to the bank. One of his boys came not too long later and for some reasons he couldn’t transact business with me as he came with only enough cash to transact with a colleague i went with. He then introduced me to someone else at the bank which was the beginning of something i wouldn’t have anticipated. Long story short…i got defrauded, right there in the bank. It was like in the movies, i just couldn’t believe it. I could have sworn that such could never have happened to me but hey, shit happens. The entire money was gone, just like that. I had worked for an entire month and some hoodlums had taken it all in minutes. Thoughts started flooding my head, RENT! RENT!! RENT!!! I was devastated. I got back to the office and everyone could tell something was wrong. I was in disarray. What would i tell my caretaker, i thought. I got home, angry at myself and at everything. I slept in the clothes i went to work with and the next morning, i remembered i have a contact at SARS(Special Anti Robbery Squad). I went to him that Saturday morning, we discussed and he said they were gonna help. But we all know Nigerian police wahala, i never recovered that money. August was a month to forget but i have wonderful colleagues and friends. They made me forget it all. Austin, Ayoko, Kenny, Ayanfe, Efe, Edith, Judith, Ebun, Moyo, Okiki, Banks, Bimpe and as many i can’t name. I thank you all.

On came September, another payday came and i developed a phobia for going to the bank. I conducted my $$ transaction online through GTB’s online portal, at least i knew the chances of me being defrauded there was very slim. I know, i know…once bitten, twice shy. Somehow i got my car fixed, somehow i got my rent paid. I was still feeling the after effects of being robbed the previous month but hey, Life goes on.

October came…and went.

Then November came. God is a great God. I got notice of salary increment. Here is God starting to replenish all that was lost in August. I started to feel a lot more comfortable, and life started to feel normal. Then mid November i got a call from my Dad early morning just before i had to head for work. I missed his call and then i saw a message from my elder brother. I knew something was amiss, i opened the SMS and it read “Call Dad, your sister just had my accident”. I was on my feet immediately, worried. I called my dad, he said he didn’t know the full details but that he was on his way there and people (good samaritans) had already taken my sister to the hospital. He said i shouldn’t worry, he will keep me updated. But how could i not worry? *sigh*
I got to work and called my dad. My sister had a broken a leg at the accident, he said. I had to leave work and go meet them up. Thank God people, as i write this, my sister’s bone has finally been rejoined, she didn’t have to be amputated. God forbid.

And finally December. This was a month of turning up, Lol. I guess God knew i had plenty to be thankful for in 2014. I didn’t die in that accident, i wasn’t thrown out of my house, i wasn’t hungry…i didn’t lose any of my family members to death.

God never forgets his own. I have said that several times in this post already but i will continually say it, Baba God Noni. I thank him for 2014, even in my ups and downs, he kept me.

Thank you to everyone that was there when i needed them. Thank you Okiki, no matter what happens, i would never forget you. Thanks to my colleagues, God bless you all. Thanks to Efe Benson and Edith Benson, 2 blessed sisters. God bless you both. And finally, God bless Olubori Omogbeja, words can’t express my gratitude.

And….then came…………………………………………. *rests pen*

Happy New Year once again people. May 2015 be far better than 2014

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Sex in the Church – Part 2

November 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Well, I know i have been missed…either by you or by myself. If i don’t miss me, who will? -_-

Anyway i took a break from writing so i could help out in making Nigeria better. From fighting against Boko Haram in Sambisa forest to ensuring Ebola stayed away from our beloved Nigeria. *claps for myself* 😀

Without further serenre, let us delve into the 2nd and “maybe” concluding part of the story. Depends on when sleep comes to steal me away ^_^


Ifeanyi was at work as usual on Wednesday when his phone rang at 3pm. Lo and behold, the caller id being displayed was “Sylvia”. He let it ring for a while as he tried to compose himself so as not to show his excitement. They exchanged pleasantries as soon as he picked up, and they began to talk about how they would meet up so they can attend midweek service together. Ifeanyi finally agreed to be at her house by 5pm but little did he know, that there was more to “let’s go to midweek service together” than meets the eye.

He left work quite early eagerly anticipating seeing Sylvia again after the impression she had on him just a few days ago on Sunday. Ifeanyi got to her house few minutes before 5, quite early, probably hoping she doesn’t change her mind and decide to go with someone else. On getting there, as is the norm with ladies, Ifeanyi had to sit and wait while she took her time getting ready. And by the time she was out, fully dressed and made up, one would find it hard to believe it was just midweek service she was going for. And still Ifeanyi, as naive as he was, didn’t notice the warning signs.

They strolled into church at 5:45pm as service was about to kick off. At 7pm, church was over and they begin to head home. Conversations upon conversations were struck and they both were having so much fun getting to know each other until they realized they had gotten to Sylvia’s street. Apparently they had been too immersed in their conversations to take note of their whereabouts. Sylvia wouldn’t let Ifeanyi go just yet as she asked them to take a stroll as the night was still young. The time at this point was 7:30pm, her parents weren’t back from work at that time as they were always stuck in the usual hustle and bustle of Lagos traffic. Two streets into their unusual strolling, they got to a spot which was pretty much deserted and had a bench for sitting like it was made for love birds.

Ifeanyi at this moment, began to entertain certain thoughts of a sexual nature, which was embarrassing considering here is a girl, who recently converted to Christianity. And he being brought up in the Christian way is supposed to help her grow spiritually instead of growing his manhood with thoughts of her. As if reading his mind, she asked that they sit while conversations continue. He tried to keep a conversation going to no avail as his shy nature overwhelmed him and his thoughts were filled with everything sexual at that moment. Suddenly it all became too awkward and silence kicked in.

Sylvia, young as she was, begun to express her like for him and how her eyes had been set on him from the very moment she walked into the church. Ifeanyi speechless, sat quietly and listened as his manhood tingled at such confessions from her. Instinctively, she reached out her hand, felt his manhood, held it, smiled and said “Your penis speaks louder than your silence”. She reached out to kiss him, which he reciprocated like he had been waiting a long time for it. They sat and kissed for what seemed like a long time, which was actually less than 2 minutes. He reached for her well formed breasts through her top, fondled with his left hand while his right hand found it’s way under her shirt to unhook her bra which he did in record time. He set her breasts free with her hardened nipples staring straight at him and he, already lost in the moment, bent to take in one of her nipples in his mouth. Unsurprisingly, his zipper had been pried open and his manhood out in the open. Sylvia knelt down, placed her mouth over his penis and proceeded to ride him with her mouth, which was the best feeling he was gonna experience in his 20 somethings years on earth as at that time.

Just as Ifeanyi was beginning to feel like nothing could go wrong, a lighted torch was pointed in their direction with words sounding like “Who dey there?” following…..


Definitely to be continued….. *whew*

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Sex in the Church

May 14, 2013 8 comments


She was just a child but with the grace of a woman. Dudes had started to look at her and stare, not at the child she actually is, but the woman she was growing to become. She was just 16 even though she always tried to hide her age so she can get the attention of older men because she derived no pleasure in guys her age, as she saw them as kids. Her name was Sylvia and she was recently converted to Christianity from Islam. She wasn’t tall, not short either but of average height (that’s what short people call themselves).

On that Sunday, she wore a purple gown that stopped just below her knees exposing her chocolate-colored legs, with heels that made her look taller than she actually was. As she walked into the church for the first time, people turned to stare, Ifeanyi included.

It’s been a few weeks since Ifeanyi’s deflowering, his confidence had started to build but he still couldn’t woo a lady comfortably, or try to get a lady into a sexual mood. So he’s been bidding his time, hanging out with Harry and the “crew”, learning from them and building up his confidence.

He got to Church that fateful Sunday with his usual smile on his ever cheerful face. He was liked by everyone in Church because he was smart, very jovial and respectful. He sat at his usual seat, which was 5 seats from the back of the church because he tended to sleep off during sermon most times, which prompted the ushers to stop letting him sit at the front of the church so as not to infect other members with his “sleeping sickness” venom. Service went on as usual for Ifeanyi until the doors opened to allow someone into the church, someone whom he had never seen before. The ushers tried directing her to the front of the church but she chose to sit 5 seats from the back, just a few meters beside Ifeanyi.

The service continued as usual, and for the first time in weeks Ifeanyi didn’t try to doze off during the sermon, no thanks to an image of Sylvia walking gracefully into the church, replaying itself in his head. He even shared his bible with her, as she being a new convert was yet to get one for herself. The sermon was over and as was the norm during a Sunday service, it was time to introduce people who were coming for the first time. The pastor in charge beckoned all new comers to stand up for recognition and to be properly welcomed. Sylvia stood up as well as 7 others in the church, and people started leaving their seats to greet them with handshakes and hugs (where necessary).

Ifeanyi stood up, stretched his hand out to Sylvia and said “Welcome to our church, hope you were blessed and we hope to see you again”. She smiled and nodded, while she took a few seconds to size him up and down. Then she smiled again, obviously meaning he had met her approval as he wasn’t a bad looking fella, he shyly returned the smile. And just then, an usher came to direct her to the first timers corner for proper welcoming. She picked up her bag, Ifeanyi’s bible and followed the usher.

After the service ended, Ifeanyi stood up to leave and realized his bible was not with him. He started to search for it but then remembered that he saw the young girl leave with it. He decided to wait and get it back from her. So he went outside the church building and sat on a half-fence waiting for the new comers to be through with their enlightenment and refreshments.

30 minutes later……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

He was starting to get a little impatient when she walked out, in that same graceful manner she had walked in, clutching his bible under her right arm. She walked straight towards him with that same smile she had on her face when he shook her hand.

Sylvia: “Hi, you must be waiting to get your bible back…I’m sorry I took it, didn’t know it was with me until I had left the seat”

Ifeanyi blushing mildly replied: “It’s no problem…I was just relaxing a little before I went home”

Sylvia: “Oh cool”

She gives him the bible and as he gets up to leave, she places her right hand on his kneecap which startled him.

Sylvia: “I was asked to attend Midweek service on Wednesday and It would be nice to come with someone…can I have your number so I can call you?”

Ifeanyi: “Sure, I don’t mind”

She hands him her phone and he dialed his own number till it rang.

Ifeanyi: “I’ll give you a call on Wednesday evening…bye”

He gets up, walks out of the church compound, blushing to himself.


To be continued ^_^


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A Year Of Sexual Enlightenment(Part 3 – The Rebirth)

April 30, 2013 10 comments

Hallo Peeps,

How’s ya’ll doing? It’s the 30th of April, the month finally decides to end…whew! For a month that has only 30days, this April seemed like it had (30 x 2) days…smh, and with its end, comes a much needed public holiday, May 1st 😀 . Though i don’t see what workers need to celebrate on that day anyway, seeing as all the “Oga(s) at the top” stay there eating all the money while we sweat ourselves out for peanuts. God dey o…one day na one day, we all go be oga at the top. I wonder who go come be “house boy” then 😀

Okay, lets get back to the story for the concluding part….or is it?? *shrug*



Lara moaned with pleasure as she got what she wanted the moment Ifeanyi entered into her. He wasn’t exactly a stranger to the workings of a sexual act due to his experiences with certain porn videos, the then popular “hints” magazine and certain sexual materials likewise. He rode her gently, moving in and out with the dexterity of one who was skilled in the act. This went on for about a minute before Ifeanyi finally ejaculated.

He rolled off her to catch his breath with a smile on his face, he knew he should be feeling guilty or used but somehow, all he felt was relief. He thought to himself “Is that really what i’ve been avoiding? It wasn’t that hard…and oh yes it was fun”. Little did he know that the fun hadn’t even started yet. He got up, took off the used condom and attempted to pull on his shorts when Lara held him back with a look of surprise on her face.

Lara: “What are you doing?”

Ifeanyi: “I am trying to get dressed na”

Lara: “And why will you be trying to do that? Do you call that 1-minute thing we did sex? We haven’t even started o”

Ifeanyi looking perplexed replied: “But i have to go to work tomorrow…it’s past 12am already”

Lara: “Guy, it’s still early…all these time we are using to argue, we should be on the 2nd round already”…she sighed.

Ifeanyi smiled to himself as he threw his shorts back on the couch, Lara had no idea that she was his first. He decided to go with the flow and make the most out of it, since he didn’t know when the next “free giving Lara” would come his way as he wasn’t exactly a very confident person and always managed to get so shy when he was around a lady, alone. He had actually been in situations where a girl was sure to drop the P if only he was a more confident person, which he wasn’t and somehow managed to either run away or ruin it.

He sure as hell wasn’t ready to dull on this, and so he made up his mind to take charge.

He got to the bed, and began kissing Lara. This sudden urgency from Ifeanyi surprised her but she wasn’t about to complain as she hadn’t yet gotten the satisfaction she needed. She kissed him back, took his hands and placed them on her boobs. He played along, squeezing her boobs gently…teasing her nipples with his fingers. He trailed kisses down her neck, slowing maneuvering his way down before his lips found its way to her nipples. He concentrated his lips in that region while he moved his hands downwards, till he placed a hand between her legs and felt her, already wet and waiting. He was in no mood to rush.

Lara moaned a little too loudly(the 1-room apartment is in a popularly called face-me-i-face-you kinda building) as he rubbed her clitoris with his thumb the way he had seen done in “movies”, while he slipped his finger into her, drawing heavy gasps from her. He then got up, tore a condom, slipped his already erect manhood into it and went into her for a second time.

At this point, something had awoken in him. The innocent Ifeanyi as he knew himself as about an hour ago, started to fade away and was being replaced by a hunger, a sexual hunger so strong it would cost him a lot in time to come. He didn’t care at this moment because he was having so much fun, it wasn’t exactly the type of first he wanted or with the kind of girl he would have wanted it with, all that didn’t matter right at that moment as he went in and out of her.

It was 3am when they were finally done. Lara getting the satisfaction she needed, Ifeanyi feeling like a burden had been lifted.

He woke up at 6am to see she was gone, the air heavy with her presence and filled with the stench of sex. He got up to stretch when someone knocked at the door and in walked Harry.

Ifeanyi: “Oga Harry…., i suppose vex for you o but mehn, last night was crazy and i wouldn’t mind doing this again”

Harry laughed for a while then said: “Stick with me Ify…body go tell you”


Dats all for now…Ifeanyi’s journey has just started *drops pen*

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A Year Of Sexual Enlightenment(Part 2 – The Awakening)

April 28, 2013 17 comments

Aha! I greet una o. How una dey na? Una don chop? 😀

This weekend has been kinda long, or is it just me? Oh well, probably that’s how i see it when it’s all boring with nothing interesting to do*sigh*. I hope ya’ll are having more fun than i am because it’s the weekend, so no DULLING *thumbs up*(Error: that was actually my middle finger up for ya’ll having fun without me -_-).

Back to the story of our Nigga…Happy Reading 😉 .



Lara sat with her arms around the pillow, which covered what little it could of her naked body while she adjusted to stare the answer out of Ifeanyi. A few seconds had passed even though it seemed like days to Ifeanyi before he mustered a “Sure” reply. At this point, she shifted closer to him while he also adjusted the laptop which was placed on his laps so she could have a better view. The episode they were watching went on for about 20 minutes before it ended. Ifeanyi who was not really concentrating anymore, no thanks to a vision of a nude Lara being played in his head attempted to start a new episode, but was stopped by Lara’s hands on his laps as she lifted the laptop away and placed it on a small table in the center of the room.

The Clock read 12:05am at this time.

Ifeanyi who was clueless as to what was happening or rather feigned a clueless state began to wonder what was about to happen, as he watched the pillow drop from Lara’s arms in attempt to take the laptop away from him.

Ifeanyi: “Ermm…are you tired of the movie already?”

Lara: “The movie can wait…wasn’t really enjoying it sef, besides there are many other things we can do”

Ifeanyi started sweating all of a sudden, not because he was a stranger to breasts or a woman’s anatomy but because he had never really had sex except from the usual foreplay, and he knew from the happenings of that night that something was about to change.

Lara with all her womanly fullness sat on his laps, tied her flaying hair with a rubber and bent her head to kiss him. Ifeanyi who had already been thinking of what to do, came to a conclusion in his mind saying “Oh well…it’s probably not gonna get too far anyway…so what’s the harm in having a little fun”, little did he know that Lara wasn’t a girl satisfied with “just a little fun”.

He kissed her like he knew how to(he had become so very good at kissing since that was all he ever did with a girl except when his lips found it’s way to her nipples) and she responded just as he suspected she would. His hands found their way to her boobs, one of the popular kinds referred to as the “agbalumo shaped”, fondled her already taut nipples while she moaned at his touch. 5 minutes had passed when Lara’s hands found her way to his belt as she tried to unbuckle it, Ifeanyi was then jolted back to reality.

Ifeanyi: “I don’t think i can do this”

Lara: “Dude…we have already started, no going back now”

Ifeanyi: “But i can’t…i don’t have a condom even if i wanted to”

Lara: “So what is the harm in not using a condom? Eh?”

Ifeanyi: “Ah! Not me and you o…haba..no o”

And then Ifeanyi remembered that he saw a condom pack lying around when he arrived and thought to himself “Hmmm…i don’t want this and yet i think i want it…i guess i should be fine as long as i use condoms“. He asked Lara to hold on as he lifted her to the bed, while he went to the cupboard, his trousers already falling from his waist. He found the condom packet untouched which meant Harry didn’t even use any at all. He opened the pack, took one out of the 4 condoms and went to join her on the bed. He took his shirt off as Lara helped with removing his shorts, took the condom from him, tore it and slipped his already erect manhood right into it.

Ifeanyi shuddered and thought to himself “This is it, it has come unexpectedly and no going back“.

Lara drew him down to meet her and with her lips, found her way to his. He kissed her with all the sexual hunger he had felt in recent years, fondled her boobs gently, teased her nipples with his fingers. And then he lowered himself down to meet her nipples with his lips, and suckled…oh yes he suckled, while he slid a finger into her already wet “Veejayjay“. She moaned in response and begged that he enter her.

He raised her legs, adjusted himself and slid into her.


To be continued *runs away*

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A Year Of Sexual Enlightenment(Part 1 – Ifeanyi the Virgin)

April 26, 2013 14 comments

Hooray!!! It’s me again…your friendly neighborly blogger …Oh scrap that, I’m not your neighbor…the internet doesn’t have compounds, streets or fences -_-.

Happy New Year by the way, since it’s the first time we are meeting this year. I’ve been down with a special case of Writer’s block in which there was so much to write about that i couldn’t just pick one, and so i ended up not writing anything at all

But now I’m back, fully refreshed *sips alomo* and I’m not going anywhere

Today we will be talking about(I’ll be writing and you’ll be reading) a Nigga’s year of sexual enlightment. Who is the Nigga? Does he exist? I leave that to the imagination of ya’ll. Happy Reading



*phone rings*

Mom: “Ifeanyi! Is it not late where you are? Won’t you come home?”

Ifeanyi grumbles(in his mind) then replies: “I know it’s late Ma, i might not be able to come home because the person i went to see is not back from work yet. So i will see you tomorrow, no need to be worried”

Mom mutters the usual “coconut head” saying in igbo and ends the call.


This was sometime in January of 2009, Ifeanyi who was in his early 20s, decided to stop by to see a friend’s elder brother for some financial help on his way from work, as he was low on cash at that time. On getting there, he met his friend and a girl(whom he had just met the previous day on his usual prowl of the streets) talking and laughing while seated on the bed. The sexual tension between them was so high that even Ifeanyi couldn’t help but notice the arousal he felt by just being around them. Ifeanyi started to make himself comfortable and while settling down, noticed a packet of Gold Circle condoms that was lying on the cupboard, waiting to be called to action. He being a virgin, shook his head and sat himself down on the couch in his friend’s 1 bedroom apartment.

To get himself distracted, he brought out his laptop with which he had stocked with movies for when he is less busy(and that is almost every time he is not at work). He selected a particular series, slipped on his headphones and drowned himself completely in it, oblivious of what was happening around him.

His friend Harry, who was still having a conversation with the girl, Lara(that’s what she called herself even though she looked like a Monsurat) grew impatient and decided the wooing period was over,  it was time to get down to “business”. Harry with his usual sweet words and the confidence of a stud, succeeded in stripping Lara of her clothes. Lara on the other hand, had been expecting that so offered no resistance as she allowed herself to be stripped. Need i say, Ifeanyi was in the same room on the couch unaware of the recent happenings right until some sort of noise began to find its way through his headphones into his ear. The kind of noise that goes “rickity rackata rickiti rackata”, the sound of an already old bed being forced to support Harry and Lara as they went about their “business“.

Ifeanyi now fully aware of what was going on, unzipped his trousers, slipped a hand inside and got a hold of his virgin penis whose only hole it had penetrated is the one a wanker makes with his hand ^_^. He pretended to be watching his movie while stroking himself and getting off on just the noise he was hearing. How pathetic..smh.

Harry, as a sharp guy, noticed what Ifeanyi was doing and smiled. Some minutes later, He got up(at this point in time, the clock read 11:45pm) and asked to step out for a while, told Lara he would be back in a bit and then signaled to Ifeanyi to meet him outside. Ifeanyi who quickly adjusted himself(there was little or no light in the room anyway so she won’t have seen anything), got up and went outside.

Harry: “Ify how far na? No just gock yourself o…that babe go knack you sef if you want”

Ifeanyi: *blushing* “Oga Harry…me i no do jor….I’m a virgin na and I want my first time to be special”

Harry: “Haba! Na u sabi jare…i wan reach egbon place, i dey come”

Harry heads outside then adds “but in case i no come back…lock the door o”

Ifeanyi entered the room awkwardly knowing he might likely be alone with Lara all night but was relieved when he saw Lara under the sheets, in a sleeping posture, with her face turned to the other side. He assumed she was sleeping and sat on the couch, picked up his laptop, slipped on his headphones and clicked play to continue playing the movie.

20 minutes had passed, and just when Ifeanyi thought the night couldn’t get more interesting, he felt movement beside him and noticed that Lara had shifted to the couch on which he was seated, with only a pillow covering her bosom and lower body parts.

And just then, Lara said “Can i watch with you?”


To be continued ^_^

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